Please consider giving this holiday season to support ElkhartCares and our efforts to help our neighbors. In this season of giving, now is a great time to get involved and donate to ElkhartCares. Every little bit helps! Your donation can go to helping a family in need put a wonderful family dinner on the table for the holidays or presents under the tree. ElkhartCares uses a neighbors helping neighbors approach to spread holiday cheer during the winter months as well as hope and assistance throughout the year to families in our community.

ElkhartCares, as bound by its Bylaws, currently operates within the boundary of the communities serviced by the Elkhart Lake – Glenbeulah School District.



ElkhartCares is a community-based nonprofit organization that exists to ease people’s hardships and bring a bit of unexpected joy into their lives. We believe in supporting the citizens and establishments in our community that need a helping hand, with our neighbors-helping-neighbors approach. Serving the greater Elkhart Lake, WI community, ElkhartCares focuses on providing assistance to individuals, families, and organizations that are striving to achieve happier and healthier lives, and to reach their full potential.



ElkhartCares assists those in the community that have pressing needs: the basic needs of daily living, which ElkhartCares works to mitigate by providing assistance with the needs of basic living standards during challenging times; the need for greater educational and professional opportunities, which ElkhartCares responds to by providing scholarships for a variety of educational options and by creating mentorship programs; and the need for practices of healthy lifestyles, which ElkhartCares meets by creating opportunities for affordable, recreational, therapeutic activities for the community.



Today, our offerings of assistance and opportunity are given with the vision of building a community where the power of goodwill keeps on giving.

Donors, volunteers, and those seeking ElkhartCares assistance, please contact us today!

Every Donation is Tax-Deductible