Deborah Blain – Founder and President

A Note From Our Founder and President

“Since coming to live in the Elkhart Lake Community, I have found my heart warmed by the true neighbor-helping-neighbor that exists here. I found this to be true of not just person-to-person, but business-to-business also. In looking around for ways that I might be able to do something extra special in the community, both as a business owner and as a resident, I found far greater and varied needs than I had ever anticipated. Through a lot of research, conversations with members of the community, and a great deal of forethought and planning, ElkhartCares was born.” – Deborah Blain

As a young girl, Deborah Blain could not wait until she was old enough to volunteer as a candy striper at the local hospital. Her first day on the job came, and she was in love. She graduated from high school and then went on to nursing school, spending over 10 years in the nursing profession. Helping others is what she enjoyed then, and now.

Over the course of the next thirty years, Deborah did a lot of volunteer work. Therapeutic Horsemanship, supported with the efforts of volunteers, was one of her favorites. Their work to help those with disabilities be able to enjoy the sport of horseback riding was a very rewarding experience for her. She has served meals at homeless shelters, bagged food at food pantries, and cleaned cages and walked pets at adoption centers. Her reward through all of it was the joy she got from serving.

At this time in her life, Deborah is directing her focus on the needs of the Elkhart Lake area, a place she loves and calls home.

Randy Boeldt – Co-Vice President

What attracted me to join ElkhartCares is our capacity to help our neighbors in a broad variety of ways. Everyday items that some take for granted can be a struggle for others to obtain. Our ability to assist in meeting diverse needs, customized for each recipient, allows us at ElkhartCares to maximize our reach.  -Randy Boeldt

Randy Boeldt spent his entire career serving the public through various positions he held in the law enforcement profession.

While working he served on an several boards, including the Board of Directors for the WI Chiefs of Police Association, Lakeshore Technical College Police Science Advisory Board, the Sheboygan County Highway Safety Commission, and the Sheboygan County MEG (Multi Judicial Enforcement) Unit Supervisory Board . Randy ended his working career in 2012, retiring after serving over 22 years as the Chief of Police for the Elkhart Lake, WI department. Randy has been a Sheboygan County resident his entire life. He spent time living in various communities throughout the county and graduated from Plymouth Comprehensive High School. Randy holds an associate degree in Police Science from Lakeshore Technical College and earned his bachelor of science in Business Administration from Marion University.

Throughout his life Randy has been active in his community. He is a past member of the Elkhart Lake First Responder Unit and a Past President of the Elkhart Service Club. Randy also served several years as Treasurer for the WI Police Leadership Foundation and currently serves as Treasurer for the Elkhart Lake Improvement Association which is also a 501(c)(3) Charitable Organization.

Bill Schendt – Treasurer

“I was approached by a long time friend of mine, Deb Blain to be a part of her dream. Deb is the founder and leader of ElkhartCares. Deb was very passionate about this dream and I could not say no. Deb’s love for the Elkhart Lake community and her compassion for its citizens is very evident and contagious. I wanted to be a part of it. It truly is neighbors helping neighbors as all the resources remain in the Elkhart Lake community. We meet people at where they are and address their individual needs in confidential, compassionate fashion.” – Bill Schendt

Bill Schendt was born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and attended Marquette University High School. He then went on to earn his BS and BA degrees from Marquette University. Upon graduation, he worked for the accounting firm of Price Waterhouse, specializing in retail and small businesses. Like many, he took a job with one of his clients and began working with Blain’s Farm & Fleet in the finance and accounting department, which has been his home for thirty-five years. He began as Director of Finance, soon became Vice President of Finance, and later the Chief Financial Officer for Blain’s Farm & Fleet. He has served as a Board Member of Blain’s Farm & Fleet since 1993, sat as Vice Chairman and Secretary of the Board, and retired from the board in 2017.

Bill resides in Janesville, Wisconsin with his wife, Kathy. They have two grown sons, Jon and Steve who live in Denver, Colorado and Green Bay, Wisconsin, respectively. He is an active member of the community, frequently volunteering for Patient Care at Agrace Hospice of Madison, in addition to serving on their Foundation Board. In addition to the ElkhartCares Board of Directors, Bill is on the Advisory Board of Saint Elizabeth Nursing Home and The Saint Elizabeth Manor Assisted Living Center. He also serves on the Foundation Board of Saint Mary Hospital, and is a Board Member of Private Family Manufacturing Corporation.

Susie White – Secretary

“I am honored to be a part of the ElkhartCares Board – whose mission it is to empower, equip and encourage deserving individuals and families to lead happy and healthy lives. This position gives me the opportunity to give back to a community which never stops giving so much to so many.” – Susie White

Susie White was raised and received her high school education in Sheboygan, Wisconsin.

After earning her undergraduate degree in communications and English education from the University of Colorado and University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point, Susie began her 32-year career with the Chilton, Wisconsin Public School District. During those years, additional degrees, licensure and credits were earned at Cardinal Stritch University in Milwaukee and at the University of Wisconsin – Madison. When employed by Chilton, Susie was involved in various professional organizations and committees. While she enjoyed these affiliations, Susie found true joy in working with youth from the ages of twelves through eighteen in a variety of roles including teacher of middle-school language arts and reading, reading specialist for the district and instructor of high-school American literature classes.

Both during her career and following her retirement in 2012, Susie has been involved in volunteer and leadership roles with a variety of organizations in Sheboygan and Elkhart Lake. These opportunities included work with other volunteers at The First Congregational Church – UCC, Boy Scouts of America, Safe Harbor- Domestic Abuse Shelter, The Stephanie H. Weill Center for the Performing Arts, and the Ladies of the Lakes Women’s Group.

The experiences of her professional, volunteer and personal life continue to inspire Susie to seek additional opportunities to enrich the lives of others.

Tom Trebesh – Co-Vice President

“Giving back to community is an essential form of self-fulfillment for the benefactor and no better way to recognize our innate connectivity with all persons. The essence of ElkhartCares is caring people helping good people help themselves. It’s important to us at ElkhartCares that every member of the community feels heard and supported.” -Tom Trebesh

Tom Trebesh grew up in Michigan, attended Michigan State University (B.S.) and Tulane University (M.B.A.) in New Orleans. Tom currently resides in Florida.

Tom has 25 plus years volunteering in non-profit organizations from around the country from Michigan to Alabama and Nevada. These charitable foundations/advisory boards include multiple United Way locales, advisor to the Governor of Alabama economic advisor for jobs and education, Mobile Association of the Blind board/past president, Vocational Advisor to Mobile County School System, Saint Mary’s Home/board member and past president, Archdiocese of Mobile Finance Committee, etc.

Tom’s work background includes a blend of Retail Operations and Human Resource Management.

We are a community – based organization whose visions of empowering its recipients will build a community where the power of goodwill keeps on giving.

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