ElkhartCares is committed to helping feed families in our community and providing them with essential needs.

ElkhartCares has prepared bags of toiletries and essentials to go to local families that need a caring hand. Thank you to our wonderful volunteers who helped assemble the bags! We hope it will bring some ease and comfort to the families we serve. To receive toiletries, local families of the school district can visit ELGHS, or can contact us for a special delivery. (Special item requests must allow extra time.) 

For more info about joining our community of volunteers, contact us at (920) 226-0903, or info@ElkhartCares.org





This is Quigby, the ElkhartCares Elephant. He loves reading and learning new skills, new stories, and new ideas. Quigby wants to know: What brings you joy?



Summer Fun! 

With books, activity books,  puzzles, games, and more  for various age groups, ElkhartCares cares about helping keep families in our community learning, growing, and busy this summer. It’s our way of helping spread joy, and encouraging family fun in the community!

Do you have a special reading request–like a book you really want to read this summer for fun, or a book that will help you learn a particular skill or language you’re interested in learning this summer? We want to make as many wishes for the summer come true in the community as possible! 

Write to us and share your “Summer Reading Wish”. 

Summer Connection!

Do you love having a good picture book read to you? Want to try some cool, safe, at-home learning experiments with ingredients you can find around the house? Check out that, along with some fun, musical surprises– all on our Facebook Page. 

Contact us to sign up and stay connected through fun and learning!

Email: info@ElkhartCares.org                    Mailing  P.O. Box 537, Elkhart Lake, WI 53020

       Facebook:  www.facebook.com/ElkhartCares      Instagram: @ElkhartCares




ElkhartCares Scholarship Opportunities:

-Assistance with books for college courses

-Housing Scholarship for students in school

-Tuition Scholarship for University Studies

-Scholarship for Associates Degrees

-Scholarship for Certificates that enhance employment opportunities

-College Credit Scholarships for highschoolers wanting to boost academic resumes while in highschool

-Academic Tutoring Scholarships for students in need of academic support

-Extra-Curricular Scholarships for students with special interests

-Scholarship for Special Skill, Language, or Musical Instrument

-Scholarship for Learning Tools (computers, printers, internet, school supplies, etc)

-Adults returning to school to finish a degree or looking to get started on one.

We encourage students to apply today!



Santa’s Village

November 30, 2019

Like a scene taken straight out of a Hallmark Movie, the downtown Village Square was bustling with holiday delight when ElkhartCares transformed the village square into a magical Santa’s Village for our community.

Visitors were able to enjoy refreshments from local vendors and treats to help keep them warm.

The children were able to sit on Santa’s lap and visit with a Snow Princess. Horse-drawn carriage rides were also available. The Village held the traditional holiday tree lighting ceremony to the sound of carolers to kick off the holiday season.



Library Storytime with Santa’s Elf

December 19, 2019

ElkhartCares and the Elkhart Lake Public Library were delighted to invite the community to meet Santa’s elf, Ivy, who read a holiday story to all the children! Santa’s Elf had also been asked by Santa to collect all the children’s holiday wishes to take back to the North Pole. Refreshments and fun activities were provided during this free event! This special occasion kicked off with a ribbon cutting ceremony for the new library seat, “The Reading Tree’, which was donated by ElkhartCares for our community to enjoy.